Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going?


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Anonymous at 13:00 on 30 Mar 2015

Good, quite entertaining keynote. Would have been excellent if not for the fact that Kevlin stole the show minutes before.

What can I say, a dream came true.
But even if Andy was speaking for both the two Codemotion days, it wouldn't be enough! I wanted more and more :)
Thank you prof Tanenbaum.

Anonymous at 14:37 on 31 Mar 2015

Great story!

For this speech there was more hype than value. It has been quite funny, but not so enriching.

However, to share the room with one of the highest ICT heroes it is always a pleasure.

Nice story, told by one of the protagonists of the computers age.

Very well done and based on a huge amount of experience, though not as inspiring as Kevlin right before.

Anonymous at 08:00 on 3 Apr 2015

Great talk, inspiring and funny!

One thing though: while he was showing that it is (was) difficult to predict the future with some examples, he didn't mention anything about how huge and powerful is Linux today :D

Anonymous at 10:19 on 3 Apr 2015


Anonymous at 10:19 on 3 Apr 2015


Anonymous at 11:28 on 3 Apr 2015

What can I say? Simply GREAT!