We are in a magical industry where we literally create value by arranging ones and zeros… But what is it that really creates value in our industry? Is it the passion of the developers? Is it the process that you use? Is it the programming language? Is it the number of mountain dews that you drank while coding? Is it the way that you tested? Is it the user’s reaction? Is it the size of the team? Is it the location in the world? Is it the gender, age, ethnicity, … of the programmers? Hopefully, it’s obvious that some of these are just silly. In this talk, we’ll dive into what makes software great and how we create value in the industry.


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Joe Ferguson at 09:25 on 6 Sep 2018

Great talk about what developers can do to build better software. Turns out it's not all about industry buzzwords!

Lawrence Shea at 11:06 on 6 Sep 2018

1 drink per question is a steal! Excellent closing talk!

Josh is a gifted speaker, and the content was top notch. What I got from this talk is the key to building great software is working on something you are passionate about, are talented in and being compensated fairly, and praying that you have great colleagues and a mindful boss. And you are responsible for your own destiny, don't be a passive member of the team.