The first PHP conference I ever went to changed my life. I saw Ed Finkler talking about his struggles with mental health issues. I related so well with everything he said and was shocked to find out not everyone feels this way. Come learn about Open Sourcing Mental Illness, a nonprofit built on a movement of changing how we talk about mental health in the tech community. We’ll talk about survey results from multiple years of OSMI’s Mental Health In Tech surveys showing how employees feel about discussing mental health issues with employers and coworkers. We’ll talk about resources, where and how to find help. The most important thing is to know you’re not alone.


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Lawrence Shea at 11:04 on 6 Sep 2018

As many of us (unfortunately) know, it's very hard to talk about mental health issues with anyone - much less in front of an audience! Joe's candid talk about his own issues set the stage for concerning statistics about the state of mental health in tech. OSMI is a great organization, and Joe & co are really doing the Lord's work.