What can you do when you finish your Ph.D. in chemistry and the career path ahead of you suddenly no longer appears that exciting? Well, I looked back at what I used to enjoy, and at my actual, core skills. And I changed everything around to become a software developer. I will talk about why and how.

My past life was all about science: I participated in international chemistry olympiads, studied chemistry at university, and did a Ph.D. and postdoc in organic synthesis. A significant number of years in, I’ve changed track dramatically and decided to become a software developer.

This talk is about the why, and most importantly the how of my exciting journey into software development, and about my personal experience so far with the tech scene while rebooting my career.

I will talk about what I learned along the way, and present some methods for successfully driving change in your personal and professional life, no matter how small or big. I will talk about the technologies and methodologies I focused on, and how they helped me to overcome my fears starting out in the new industry and to feel confident about my skills as a software developer.


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