Understand the differences between imperative, object-oriented, functional, reactive and other styles of programming JavaScript can mimic. Each style brings more power and elegance to your code, and I will show how to adopt the new paradigm without losing your mind in complexity.

JavaScript is an interesting language.
It can mimic almost any style you want: procedural, object-oriented, functional, etc.
In this presentation, I will take a simple problem and will solve it using different approaches.
With each step, we will see the power of each approach to take the complexity away,
while still being the JavaScript we all love to hate. The following topics will be shown:

procedural (imperative) style
lazy evaluation
immutable data
async processing using promises
async processing using event emitters
advanced topics: transducers and streams
reactive programming using event streams

Any team looking to improve its code should attend this presentation. Making a single leap from an object-oriented approach to reactive programming is too difficult, but you can make it step by step.


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Eric Mann at 14:10 on 26 Aug 2019

Would love to see more of a focus on streams, but that's a personal interest in more advanced topics. The talk itself was very approachable and well organized to guide the audience through iterative steps.