Join us for a discussion about what to expect on our cruise. We will talk about everything from the port boarding experience, getting around the ship, cost-cutting tips while onboard, to the disembarkation process at the end of the cruise. Bring your questions and our team of expert cruisers will help you answer them.


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Eric Mann at 14:13 on 26 Aug 2019

Having never been on a cruise, this pre-session was a must-attend. It made an otherwise intimidating experience smooth and somewhat enjoyable. I only wish I'd known all of this information _before_ booking flights or extra nights in the hotel ;-)

Eli White (Speaker) at 14:43 on 26 Aug 2019

Hey Eric - Definitely good feedback. When we were putting together some of the information we realized that pieces of it could have definitely been useful back in the beginning. In future year's we'll probably put together a minimal version of this that gets sent out as people buy tickets. And/or just on the website even for stuff like flight booking details.