Sure, “tech hiring is broken,” but what’s broken, exactly, and how can we fix it? We’ll examine how to best evaluate technical skills, while also addressing topics we don’t discuss often enough, like how to hire diverse candidates and what we should really explore when looking for “culture fit.”

Google the phrase “Tech hiring is broken” and you’ll find roughly 21 million results. You’ll walk away from those articles with more questions than answers. Does whiteboarding really evaluate a candidate’s practical skills? How do you respect a candidate’s time? How do you avoid being exclusionary to minority groups? How do you hire junior candidates? How do you really hire for culture fit? I’ve spent significant time shaping the interview process at the companies I’ve worked for, and I have learned some valuable lessons, You’ll learn about crafting an inclusive hiring process, efficiently evaluating technical skills, patterns in candidate submissions, and how your code is a reflection of culture.


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Allen Clemons at 12:40 on 26 Aug 2019

The use of slides for a presentation and perhaps a microphone would have made this talk much better. Despite this I enjoyed the insights into how we can improve our hiring process.