The Video is 51 minutes

While this presentation touches on PHP a fair bit, it does make parallels to other ecosystems such as Java and C#/.Net, building toward an approach for building Web Applications in a Test-Driven way.

Most concepts covered in this talk are applicable to just about all programming languages and platforms for building Web Applications.

Here's the Abstract I had submitted to the conference:

Have you ever jumped into a legacy PHP Software project and gotten to a point where it takes a near-infinite amount of time to deliver any new feature, for fear of breaking legacy functionality you’ve barely begun to understand? Software Engineering can be extremely difficult and maddening. But it doesn’t have to be. With a brief look at PHP’s evolution toward OOP, we will explore leveraging TDD and OOP principles to make Software Engineering fun again.


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Chris Holland (Speaker) at 21:41 on 24 Jul 2017

Here are some links, you can just close out the dropbox join prompt, and click straight to the download links:

Link to PDF slides:
Link to Recorded presentation:

James Titcumb at 07:12 on 28 Jul 2017

Some good tips and advice in here; improvement I'd suggest is structuring it a bit more, and having a bit more of a "story", as it was a little dry. It's a problem I struggle with too though ;)