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Gant Laborde at 17:01 on 22 Jul 2017

Josh Holmes is an amazing speaker. He's as friendly as he is interactive with his audience.

His passion comes through clear, and his stories astound.

More awesome info on him:

A great talk by a wonderful speaker! Josh gave a high-level overview of the current state of AI.

James Titcumb at 07:23 on 28 Jul 2017

Great talk - got a bit confusing going back/forth in the slides for one of the sections, but I think Josh realised that already :) Otherwise, this was a good talk - well spoken, well explained (apart from the aforementioned part) and I learnt a bit about AI and what's going on with it. Super interesting.

Damon Sanchez at 22:47 on 1 Aug 2017

It was a great run through of AI, enough to get everyone excited about working with the technology