React Native awesomeness!

If you’re a web developer or interested mobile dev, you can use Facebook’s React Native to get up and running on mobile dev. No, you don’t need to learn the intricacies of Android or Objective-C, you can use good old-fashioned JavaScript to make native apps that work across multiple platforms. Join me as I give you the intro you need to get started building your dream application today.


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Gant Laborde (Speaker) at 13:42 on 17 Jul 2017

SO MUCH WOW! Changed my life, will see again.

Very informative, enjoyable, and entertaining talk. As someone who has done native Android development and React web development, I think React Native looks really interesting and Infinite Red's Ignite framework looks like a great RAD solution to get started. Looking forward to checking both out.

Really entertaining speaker. I wish I had a bit more experience with React and React Native before attending this talk. I was using Phone Gap before, but after being shown Ignite 2 I am seriously considering the transition to React Native. Thanks for the talk.

An interesting talk from a fun speaker. Made me want to check out Ignite!

Gant Laborde (Speaker) at 23:27 on 31 Jul 2017

VIDEO! Thanks Joe