The Red Team, hackers, criminal organizations, and nation states, are a constant threat. The systems we build are the targets. We need to understand the human collateral that hangs in the balance. We embrace methodologies to write better code and make our lives better. They do nothing for the rest of humanity that is directly affected by security vulnerabilities we introduce. In this presentation, I will put a human face on the users of our software. I will challenge you to think in terms of flesh and blood rather than ones and zeros. We are all the Blue Team. We protect the rest of humanity. Join me in the fight. The Red Team is coming!


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Gant Laborde at 16:21 on 17 Jul 2017

Very informative, and gave me some really cool links to check out. e.g.

This talk is terrifying and awesome for developers. Adam brings up the importance of being proactive with security during this talk. Really glad I made it to this one.

James Titcumb at 07:13 on 28 Jul 2017

Really nice talk, and I'm glad I didn't overlap too much content here. Frank and plain exploration into the "red team" and what they get up to. Thanks Adam!