All You Jokers (Keynote)


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Good stuff, some obvious, some that makes you question how you're living your entire life. Paul's presence and passion is strong and that makes his session that much more thought-provoking.

Great session to start the day off. Really makes you think about things from a new perspective.

An amazing work of craftsmanship. I'd read all this material before over the years, and I'm a big believer in all of it, but Jordan's natural ease of weaving it all together and presenting with excitement and humor made it very enjoyable to hear again.

Anonymous at 11:42 on 19 Aug 2013

This was the opening keynote for Nashville CoderFaire 2013. To put that in context Paul stood in front of a freshly caffeinated developers ready to get down and nerdy. Instead he started their morning with an introspective journey through some of the high impact things that happen when you're *not* coding. I'm not sure everyone in the room was prepared for this talk and that is what made it fantastic.

Amazing keynote and very inspiring with will, do today, advice.