Performance First


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All good information, some a bit basic, but necessary. I was hoping to see a bit more on advanced tools / processes.

Also, Evan seems to discount his knowledge a lot. That detracts somewhat from his authority on the material - although he seems to be knowledgeable. Also, not a comment on his content, but don't rely on the Internets. ;)

Thanks for the feedback, Jordan. Definitely a topic worth a deep-dive on the rendering side in particular.

Anonymous at 17:02 on 17 Aug 2013

Could use a lot of the statistics Evan showed to clients and business owners to make them allocate time for performance optimization.

Absolutely, rianrainey. Two of the suggestions in the Brad Frost article I referenced in the presentation are to: 1. Treat Performance as Design and 2. Set a Performance Budget. These both deal with making it a priority across the entire team and communicating it clearly (and setting goals) up-front. I love this idea, especially when it comes to responsive sites. Here's the article: