Lublin, here we come! We have prepared 1 track with 4 presentations and lightning talks for the "official" part, snacks beers and an after party for networking.

Thursday 19th October 2017

18:30 Bots! Bots everywhere!
Talk by Karol Przystalski (35 minutes)
19:05 Kotlin - ~ketchuping/catchuping~ catching up
Talk by Hubert Kosacki (35 minutes)
20:00 Luźno o Data Consistency
Talk by Michał Gryglicki (35 minutes)
20:35 Frontend Security Testing with a pinch of Phishing
Talk by Tomasz Szyborski (35 minutes)
21:10 SOLID w JavaScript, czyli wstęp do dobrych praktyk w programowaniu obiektowym
Talk by Adrian Zniczyński (10 minutes)
21:20 What's up in Java 9
Talk by Piotr Hejwowski (10 minutes)
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Is inverting binary tree useless?
Talk by Maciej Malarz (10 minutes)