An Introduction to Lithium


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I felt that this talk fell between a high level overview and an introduction to Lithium. It would be a great talk if there were some code examples and more content on why someone should choose to use Lithium.

This seemed more like "What is a Framework?" than "An Introduction to Lithium". I didn't feel that it really distinguished Lithium from any other framework, aside from an emphasis on how non-central the documentation is. A little more focus on what Lithium does better than other frameworks, or what it does well, would be helpful. Overall, the impression I got was "Mainstream frameworks do this, and Lithium does too" on almost every point, which just makes it seem like it's a "yet another" project.

Anonymous at 12:52 on 27 Sep 2012

from Codeworks Philly: I thought you did well, it is difficult to pitch someone else's product for sure, but I definitely like the idea of not focusing so much on the syntax. I would suggest you consider spending some more time giving the outline of how the framework implements MVC, and maybe if you have to have code in it, pick a couple of things that illustrate the ease of use (maybe the Facebook API or something). The other thing I would suggest is that since you are taking Lithium on the road for the developers, that problem you mentioned of all the documentation being spread out needs to be addressed, even if just putting all the resources in one place from where they can be accessed.

This was a good overview of Lithium for someone who didn't know much about it. However, I agree with the other commenters that you need a few code examples (or maybe just one) to show an actual "application" (even a simple one). Something that highlights a strength of Lithium would be great.

Hi Liz,
While I always enjoy your presentations, the high level of this talk didn't get me into enough understanding of how to use it. As I wrote on Cal's eval, I am basically a team of one developer at a sales & manufacturing team & I also have to supervisor several people with non-programming responsibilities. I have been trying to make time to learn any framework because I know that my coding is 1)not up to par with the other people at the philly conference & 2)definitely not MVC. however, with little time or support to spend on learning, I am forced to fall back on my own classes & code because I have to get it done. When I am able to attend a conference, I'd love a little more detail that would give me a leg up on trying it on my own.