PHP: Continuously


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@Marianne - Any feedback or tips on how I can make it better? What would have given this presentation a 4 or 5 in your book? I'm scheduled to give this 6 more times and would love to tune appropriately.

Thanks. :)

Anonymous at 14:32 on 1 Oct 2012

This is probably the most comprehensive CI talk i've heard. I enjoyed the live walk through.

Demo-ed a HUGE list of practical tools to use for improving your dev process. No matter how you are set up, you'll be able to add in these little bits/programs to make it better. Like Cal, used the tell-show-tell approach of telling you why things mattered and what/why he was showing you, showing you, while also telling you more details and explanations at same time. Only suggestion: might have taken a brief moment more to explain "Continuous Integration/Deployment". Overall: insanely useful, and fairly clear (even to a noob like me). Thanks for sharing your time, expertise & slides!