Design Patterns in PHP


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Super fast overview of some of the core design patterns for PHP'ers. Would have been nice to have more time spent on fewer of the patterns. Perhaps a focus on the ones that can be used with SPL, as so few of us even think to use SPL when it could be a very helpful basis for some good refactoring. I'd love to see this be a standard topic in the roster of talks for future conferences.

For me, this session was a great follow-up to Stefan Priebsch's Advanced OOP & Design Patterns tutorial. It emphasized some of what Priebsch had said, but also introduced new perspectives. Cal's examples were easy to follow as well. Would actually liked to have had more time for the session.

Useful intro (and re-introduction) to several design patterns. Way too fast at about one minute per slide.

Such a fast presentation needs to be a little more rehearsed, but Cal still gave an excellent overview.

Very good overall. Too bad that the time constraints prevented further discussions.