Out With Regex, In With Tokens


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Well presented and good information, but the day-to-day applicability of parsing PHP tokens was harder to see. Knowing how to build parsers and tokenizers for any language (especially one's own DSL's) would be a good extension to this talk.

I think you had the same problem in this session as you had in the "Stupid Browser Tricks" ... first session after lunch is about as bad as the first session in the morning! I was a bit confused (might have been related to food induced sleepiness) but I'll do more digging as I can find time.

This talk mostly dealt with the PHP Tokenizer extension which seems to be primarily useful for refactoring or other source code operations rather than user input processing which the session description indicated it would be about.

The most useful gem I saw in this talk was the brief mention of HTMLPurifier, which I think will come in handy.