PHP Code Review


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Got more tools out of this than I know what to do with. I'm glad it was a tutorial session, because an hour would not have been enough for all of Sebastian's great testing and code review information.

I learned so much out of this session! Wish I could have had a recording of it because I know there was so much more I probably didn't pick up on as well.

It was very interesting to see pieces of code being dissected by these guys. Seeing the points highlighted and discussed one at a time made for an easy-to-follow as the teachers tried to pull the answers and ideas out of the students.

It was certainly cold inside, but by the 2nd cup of coffee I was alert and on point with seeing and comprehending what Sebastian, Stefan, and Arne were talking about. Great to know that everyone makes similar mistakes in their code, and that we're all human :)

Was quite happy with my experience. Kinda wish I hadn't anonymized my code so that I would have felt more at ease defending my decisions. However I did try to pick one of my "riskiest" pieces of code specifically to get feedback on it. Stefan touched on the reasoning behind my class and most of the good and bad consequences of my choices without any indication from me as to what I was trying to accomplish.

These two tutorial workshops were much more valuable to me than the several shorter ones from the main conference day.