Quality Assurance in PHP Projects


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This presentation combined with the PHP Code Review tutorial made for a great body of introductory knowledge into Quality Controlling one's projects.

This session introduced me not only to new static analysis tools to consider, but highlighted features in PHPUnit that I wasn't aware of but are very relevant to the work I'm currently focused on. This content was very interesting and timely for me.

Was very happy with this workshop. I had been using custom build-once manual evaluation testing scripts in the past, but am convinced PHPUnit is the way to go.

Installed PHPUnit today and will start transitioning my current projects to start using these testing scripts now. If for no other reason I think PHPUnit is worth it to have the code coverage statistics in phploc to let me know what I'm NOT currently testing.

These two tutorial workshops (this and the code review) were much more valuable to me than the several shorter ones from the main conference day.