Advanced OOP and Design Patterns


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Even if you think you know it all, I think you'll come out of this talk learning something new. Excellent!

The examples that were used provided what was probably the most coherent explanation of the purpose of (and difference between) Interfaces and Abstract Classes I've seen. It will change the way I work with them in the future. Very good introduction to OOP and PHP's object toolset.

I enjoyed learning about the subject/observer pattern because it demonstrated the use of SplObserver and SplSubject classes that are not documented in the PHP manual, A place with more documentation of the SPL (Standard PHP Library) classes and interfaces can be found at

The presentation itself was good, although I disagree with the title. To me, this was more of a an introduction to OOP and basic design patterns. I choose this talk specifically for the 'Advanced Design Patterns' and left the discussion disappointed that I did not attend one of the other presentations for this time slot.

Still, the presentation was good and if it was titled more appropriately, I would rate this a 5.

Enjoyed the talk. Good enthusiasm in the delivery.

One of the talks that made CodeWorks worth every penny! I especially enjoyed the Computer Science-ish (almost philosophical ;) look into patterns, as to why some are good and some evil.