PHP Code Review


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Very good presentation with good examples of the detailed code problems that can be reworked to salvage badly written apps. I would like to see more emphasis on the process that narrows down the prospective trouble areas: the leap from the initial line count / statistics report directly to the direct nosebleed-detail level examination of the code seems to be a pretty broad gap to cross in a single, mostly intuitive step. In other words, after your initial scan of a project, please elaborate more on how you identify which aspects of the code are likely to deserve your initial focus rather than leaping directly into the problem examples themselves.

I enjoyed the talk very much. Thanks!

Enjoyed the presentation. I would have preferred a little less sarcasm.

I will echo what MonkeyT said about how did you reach the code fragments that were presented, unless of course it was more just going file by file, line by line.

Thank you for the presentation!

The presentation was great, and I enjoyed the interaction with the group. Being able to review local developers code was also great.