Give Your Site a Boost with Memcached


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Ben delivered another high quality talk on memchached -- a great introduction on using memcached with a lot of practical information. Very well structured and articulate presentation, easy to understand even if you did not have any exposure to memcached before, yet enough material to keep you interested even if you are fairly familiar with it already.

The material was helpful but there was an awful lot of "I haven't looked at these slides for a year". Appreciate that Ben was up-front about that but eventually I started to drift.

I also found the talk a little heavy on implementation details and would have enjoyed hearing more high-level "philosophy of caching" material -- why to cache, when to cache, when not to cache, etc.

Not sure if he mentioned it, because I walked in a tad late, but something the audience probably didn't realize is that Ben was asked to cover a hole in the schedule, so it wasn't his fault that he hadn't looked at the slides in a year. I can imagine not knowing that might make an audience member question why a speaker would arrive unprepared and it could affect the reception of the presentation...

I really liked the talk and learned a thing or two about memcached.