In this workshop, three PHP experts with different software engineering focuses (testing, architecture, and security) willperform an interactive code review together with the audience.Using examples from Open Source projects, attendees of thisworkshop learn how experts look at code, what tools they use during code reviews, what good code and bad code looks like,and how to avoid the most common gotchas. They are invited to bring their own code for an anonymous code review for anincreased benefit from the workshop.Each of the three PHP experts involved in this workshop will present an in-depth workshopfor their particular area of expertise in the afternoon that builds upon this one.


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I'm kind of biased on this one as they reviewed my project... web2project. This was excellent from top to bottom and a useful outside perspective on how to clean things up and make them better. To date, I've completely reworked one of the modules based on the feedback and simplified the Controllers, made the Model better, and even improved the corresponding Unit Tests.

+1 to this.