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I really enjoyed the application of CI concepts to the small team or lone developer. Since hearing this talk, I've begun putting some of Beth's suggestions into practice. To me, that's the best sign of a good presentation.

I like that the talk was very practical and not very preachy. Some CI stuff can get overwhelming when you try to do everything at once. Beth showed how a small company could navigate that and get the most bang for their buck.

Wow, sorry I haven't responded to your request to rate until now.

I really enjoyed the presentation, I just wish the sound would have been a bit better.

I liked the resources that were provided as it gave me something to look into later. Having used some of these things already, it was nice having a list of alternatives that I may want to look into sometime in the future. I thought the insight into how there are many options and you can pick and choose was nice. It's not an all or nothing topic, there can be a balance.

I know speakers want constructive criticism and not just everything was great. If there was one thing, a little more projection in the voice to show confidence and better sound would make a big difference.

I really enjoyed the way the Beth introduced us to the individual components that make up a continuous integration process before delving into the actual CI automation tools. It inspired me to begin implementing some of the tools without being overwhelmed with the thought of having to commit to a full blown CI stack right away. Great presentation.

Anonymous at 09:25 on 9 Mar 2012

Saw this at Codeworks Madison in November. Great overview of all the tools and information sources. Each could probably be a more detailed talk or Meetup subject of its own. Kind of disappointed we attendees never did get the post-tour wrapup email/web link to slide sets.