We've all thought at some point or another to "just do the right thing". This seems like a simple enough objective, but the deeper you dive the vaguer it seems to get. Ethics is the field of philosophy that tries to answer "what is good?", but philosophy just sounds like old dead people talk. So how do ethics relate to my day job?

This is a gentle introduction to the brutal world of ethical dilemma's. Wear a spacesuit.


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Timo Bakx at 15:52 on 21 Aug 2020

Nice examples. With actual dilemma's. I love the sci-fi approach.

The setting of letting the audience pick a choice and then discuss it in depth with a guest is quite nice.

I'd love to see the statistics of the answers, though. ^_^

A great talk, with a great concept.. it was very nice to see how you used the available tech to explain your talk.

The interview style was very good. Thanks alot for this one!

Aisha Sie at 22:06 on 21 Aug 2020

Ramon mixed pre-recorded thought challenges with audience voting mechanisms followed by live interview with the host, which I thought was an excellent way to play with the session format! Especially since the topic of ethics really invites everyone to think along actively, starting with the classic trolley problem but gradually building up complexity. The sci-fi twist in that was a lot of fun! There were technical difficulties which kept the session from coming to its full potential but Ramon (with Stefan) powered on through that, leading to lots of engaging discussion during/after the talk. So thanks for the boatload of food for thought!

Michelangelo van Dam at 13:39 on 22 Aug 2020

Another example taking an online event to the next level. Loved the mix between prerecorded videos and the live studio discussions and the persistence of sticking with the sci-fi theme. Well done!