There’s no doubt 2020 goes into history as one of the worst years in centuries. And all media attention goes out to keep the economy going while silently human lives are dealing with financial, personal and mental blows. Being in the tech industry has some advantages so let’s seize the moment to make them count.

In this talk I take you through some of the hardships we endured, how we got through them and the hard lessons we learned to become more resilient while keeping our sanity.


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A very nice review of the past few months, interesting to see how other people experienced the past few months. Some good takeaways.

As more speakers had, I did notice some struggle to look right into the camera, it might have been odd to be sitting alone in a room talking, without any feedback from other people. Especially when there is a delay in the stream. I think you did a great job here.

Thanks for sharing, I hope we don't have to get used to video talks.

Good to hear other people's experiences and the take-aways. Maybe (just maybe) doing the talk while standing instead of sitting could make the talk a bit more dynamic.

Jelmer Prins at 15:01 on 22 Aug 2020

It might have been that I had the wrong expectations from this talk but it left me feeling wanting a bit more.
Since we are all living through it I think the summary of the current/past events could have been a bit shorter and focus a bit more on what we can learn from this going forward.