Another day another misunderstood requirement that has created another delay, increased development costs and reduced ROI. If only there was another option for you to have caught this problem earlier, closing the feedback loop in such a way that delivery felt effortless.

Learn how to improve your curiosity and listen better. In this talk, you will get to experience the benefits of asking a few of the dozen clean language questions (developed by David Grove).

Clean Language questions help you and your team members become great listeners and curious participants in any meeting, being involved in ways that can have a great impact on your products and delighting your customers further.


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Timo Bakx at 09:59 on 21 Aug 2020

Good talk, excellent examples. Will definitely use this to improve myself.

Aisha Sie at 10:11 on 21 Aug 2020

Damian did a great job explaining then illustrating the benefits of Clean Language through this interactive session, allowing us to experience for ourselves how just a couple simple questions can really help get the ball rolling to explore any topicr! It was fun to see fellow attendees reflect how this is really easy to apply and useful even in informal "hallway track" contexts. Definitely looking up the books recommended to dive into the topic more, thanks Damian!

Jelmer Prins at 10:26 on 21 Aug 2020

It was a great talk. I loved the use of the voice channels for the exercise part.
I'm actually stoked to try it out while talking to colleages, friends, and family.

Michelangelo van Dam at 13:31 on 22 Aug 2020

Very inspiring talk with plenty of hooks to dig deeper into. Thank you for sharing.
Do remember to articulate better when you’re on a roll, for not native English speakers (at least for me) I sometimes missed the point you were making.

I really enjoyed this talk. Lots of important take aways, most importantly the pretty obvious but somehow always overseen questions to ask. Thank you!