In 2010, Jenny picked her road which was less travelled; joining the tech world with an internship as a web developer for a small agency near her hometown. Ten years on, Jenny is now an Engineering Manager at Human Made.

Jenny will share key insights from her learning journey so far, and discuss the challenges -- particularly how she has transferred and built skills and lessons across very different roles, how the industry has grown in her time here and how the social climate has impacted her adventure.


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Michelangelo van Dam at 13:45 on 22 Aug 2020

Absolutely astonishing to listen all the key takeaways during this talk, so many pointers. Thank you!

A very nice talk of a personal journey. Thanks for sharing and being so open about your personal development over years.

I loved this personal approach. Hearing other people's experiences is so much more valuable to me than a purely technical "this is how you do things" talk. This one was presented in a great way.

Timo Bakx at 16:33 on 24 Aug 2020

I loved the talk. It was so nice, personal and awesome. Very good to follow. Thank you for sharing your personal experience.