Diversity has become a kind of mainstream topic.

But what does Diversity mean? And what does Diversity mean on a global level? Things that are perfectly normal in one country are far beyond reach in another one.

Let me take you on a journey to a lot of things we all can do to scale diversity to a global level. To not only help the people in "underdeveloped" countries but also help our own tech communities to grow and to include diverse ideas


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This talk was an eye-opener to me. Each time I was trying to find an argument to disagree, I had to correct myself. Thank you for delivering this talk.

I hope you will continue to spread these words around the world. So we can keep this discussion going.

I may not 100% agree with what has been said, this talk was really food for thought, which is always good in my book. It makes you think and inspires to (re)consider certain things. All of the information in this talk was brought in a very clear and understandable way.