As a very senior IC you are expected to lead and drive adoption of engineering best practices at a time when your daily interactions with code have never been less. How can you effectively deliver change when you don't control the code that is produced? This talk will show you techniques that allow you to be an effective change agent without being a dictator, allowing you to guide direction and build consensus without controlling every step.


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Andreas Heigl at 17:02 on 14 Oct 2021

I've learned so much during those 30 minutes regarding my own position within the team as well about how to handle that position. So from a personal point of view that was the best talk of the day. Thank you for that

What an amazing talk. There is so much valuable information in here, and not just for those very senior people. This gives a good view as well for people that are aiming towards a more senior role on what to expect. Very valuable for everyone.