99 Problems, But the Search Ain't One


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I really liked this talk. Perhaps one of the best talks today. Andrei completely convinced me of the power this searching tool has.

The fact that it's an advanced talks is cool, but I would have appreciated a "document based searching 101" to get me up to speed.

When I get home, alternative searching technologies such as ElasticSearch (& Solr) is definitely something I'll dig into.

Good talk. I don't deal with search in my day job, but it's an issue in side projects I'm interested in. The talk was solid. It covered the complete A to Z of the topic, giving you a good foundation to work from and to continue learning more about. Seems like a technology that would be really fun to play with, and see if it will fit into projects that need search.

Andrei may have 99 problems, but search is definitely not one.

He shows a deep understanding of ElasticSearch and gave a thorough introduction to the subject.

My only recommendation would be to slow down a little to fully explain different concepts.

Good talk and an excellent introduction to Elastic search. The only thing I would suggest is to show a live site that is using the technology and to explain how it is better than other solutions for that site. Otherwise great talk and a tool I'll definitely keep in mind.

Really enjoyed this talk. I use ElasticSearch on a daily basis, and there are quite a lot of features hidden behind some not-so-great documentation; I was very happy to learn a thing or two.

This was a great summary and explanation of the core concepts, and just enough tangents to give you an idea of the more powerful features that are hidden in ElasticSearch.

Highly recommended.