Advanced OO patterns


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Excellent talk! Well presented, very structured and I learned a lot. I believe his story and that's what counts.

Anonymous at 10:32 on 9 Mar 2011

Great presentation, learned a lot, thanks!

Anonymous at 10:32 on 9 Mar 2011

Awesome talk. Thanks for the knowledge

Anonymous at 10:32 on 9 Mar 2011

Great talk! :)

Great talk, thanks :)

Good talk. Glad it didn't talk about basic OO pattern, and actually dealt with some more highly complex patterns and best practices. Lots to get through, but we got through it. Was worried that it was going to be called advanced but not worth it, but actually was, and really did a good job bringing more advanced OO techniques and how to best apply them in PHP

Well done talk - concise content at a decent technical level, good crowd control, and got the gears moving first thing in the morning. Thanks!

thumbs up!!
examples from state of the art projects like zeta components and arbit tracker.

Tobias is a very enthusiastic speaker. As demonstrated again in this talk he is capable of educating his audience in a humorous and worthwhile way.

I really enjoyed it, thank you very much!!

Am excellent start to the conference, with solid content, good pacing, and opportunities for further discussion.

Anonymous at 12:46 on 9 Mar 2011

Full of factual errors. Unreadable slides (tiny font, green background).

Anonymous at 12:57 on 9 Mar 2011

Don't understand all the good ratings. The speaker contradicted himself multiple times. Just one example: in the beginning he said that design patterns are not resusable code/solutions. When it came to dependency injection he only talked about dependency injection containers (which are not required for dependency injection, btw) and did so by only demonstrating how Arbit's dependency injection container can be used. Without explaining how it actually works. Really disappointing for a presentation that claims to be "advanced".

Anonymous at 12:58 on 9 Mar 2011

Did not like the presentation at all. Speaker did not get many points across clearly, quite some serious factual errors (e.g. domain objects should NEVER know about their data mapper).

Well presented. I would have like to have seen more details on how the dic actually worked (code), but I guess thats what the URL is for.

Comment stating - "he said that design patterns are not resusable code/solutions" missed the point. The point is, you can't just code a design pattern once and then apply it to all your code now and forever. It needs to be adapted to the solution.

There is only so much you can cover in an hour, and for me, he wet my appetite enough to get me thinking and encourage me to learn more.

awesome talk, presented in a good pace and content was to the point. Liking the strike-through and pro/con concepts as well.

job well done!

Please don't submit feedback anonymously. It's OK to have negative feedback, but it's sad to hide behind an anonymous facade.

PHP Conferences in my experience are full of vastly differing opinions, but I felt the speaker did a good job of presenting useful content and tried to give pros/cons to leave the decisions to the informed implementer.

The screen itself was a little low, but I was able to read every font size used from the back row.

I would have loved to hear some of the topics in more depth, but of course time doesn't permit that.