MongoDB -- from "humongous" -- is an open source, non-relational,
document-oriented database. Trading off a few traditional features of
databases (notably joins and transactions) in order to achieve much
better performance, MongoDB is fast, scalable, and designed for web
development. The goal of the MongoDB project is to bridge the gap
between key-value stores (which are fast and highly scalable) and
traditional RDBMS systems (which provide rich queries and deep
functionality). This talk will provide an introduction to MongoDB for
engineers and database architects, from one of the developers working
on the project. The presentation will be accessible to those who are
completely new to MongoDB and non-relational databases, but will touch
on some of the advanced functionality that makes MongoDB a compelling
option for all web developers.


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Very interesting topic, very knowledgeable speaker, but unfortunately a mediocre talk.

I expected to see much more practical stuff whereas I only got some basic info on what MongoDB can do.

I guess the speaker had some practical stuff prepared, but due to the slow tempo there wasn't enough time to deal with it.

The content was pretty good, but there was a general lack of flow and enthousiasm in this talk.

If these issues could be tackled, I would be most happy to see this talk again and learn a lot about how to work with MongoDB.

Although the delivery wasn't that good, the talks is still worth a 3-star rating because the speaker obviously knows his stuff.

A bit slow, but great introduction to MongoDB nonetheless. I agree with ThihsFeryn though, more architectural uses of this great tool would have not hurt.