Clean PHP


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Now my code sucks, thanks ! ;)

Ps.: The practical examples are really good.

nice over view of the solid principles of uncle bob.
He gave a good number of examples to make some of the 5 principle more understandable.
Unfortunately you will just be able to understand the slides, when you had participate the presentation.

Great job... as with all talks from you phpcc guys I've lost all confidence in my coding ability. I am really impressed that you pulled all those principles together, explained all of them, and did it all in an hour (and managed to keep my attention).

Anonymous at 17:28 on 11 Mar 2011

It's unfortunate that Sebastian spent time lecturing us on very basic principles of object-oriented programming. I think he could have skipped the basics and given us some useful ideas at a more advanced level.

Also, the slides were completely useless: almost every one was just a title with a full-screen image!

I took away a couple of good ideas that I am excited to try, but I'm disappointed that there weren't more.

Excellent introduction to OOP principles but I thought there could have been more for those of us who are a little more proficient in OOP. I'd also agree with the comment about the slides above. Still, an enjoyable talk although I enjoyed your other talk at Confoo far more.