Most developers use PHP in a web context and run their code via Apache.

The command line interface (CLI) is another approach to run PHP without the overhead of your webserver.

This talk not only illustrates the usage of the PHP binary, but also some use cases for which the CLI is the better tool.

I'll be touching subjects such as:

- Configuration checking
- Syntax validation
- Function and object documentation
- Batch tasks
- Reading from STDIN
- Writing to STDOUT/STDERR
- Interacting with other binaries via piping
- Process forking
- ...


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another great talk by the great ThijsFeryn! This guy is amazing and knows really what he's talking about. Liking the way he presented the code with extra highlights to the points that require extra attention.


This was a great talk! I learned a lot. I had no idea that you could do forking, which is going to change the way that I write some of my batch scripts. Thanks!