Connecting web and desktop: WebDAV


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Anonymous at 17:15 on 11 Mar 2011

As promised, the first 3/4 of the talk was very dry, talking about WebDAV standards (and when they are not observed). It took me a long time to realize just why I might want to integrate my own WebDAV server into my app, and I'm not sure what advantages/disadvantages it has over other solutions.

If the talk is about the WebDAV PHP server that Toby helped create, it would have been better to demonstrate an example of a customized server rather than go through the particular technical problems that his group solved (and are of little interest to me because Toby solved them).

Toby needs to work on his delivery, though. He speaks in a monotone, and the lack of inflection and steady stream of words makes it difficult to listen for long periods.

A good presentation should involve the audience, not just talk at them. I felt talked at.