A lot of Web Services today claim to be RESTful APIs. But are they really? Do the URLs accurately identify resources? Are the powers of HTTP leveraged properly? What is "hypermedia", what is the Uniform Interface, and what is the secret behind the HATEOAS acronym that is so essential to the REST architectural style? This talk gives answers and guidelines using real-life examples.


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Anonymous at 10:49 on 10 Mar 2011

best presentation of Confoo !

your humour is awesome and the presentation was a good learning experience.

Thoroughly enjoyed David's presentation. Great coverage of REST with some solid examples of the wrong way things are done on real-world APIs today and how they could make them better.

Would love to see it extended to cover how REST can be incorporated into traditional websites as well (i.e. link.rel tags that guide you through the HTML and cover additional formats).

Excellent presenter. Humourous and kept the audience engaged at all times while presenting some great information.

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Anonymous at 20:41 on 10 Mar 2011

Unfortunately I will have to say the same as everyone else. This is by far the best talk yet. I loved how your talk kept referring to the research paper and I love how you took examples of real-world "REST" API's and explained how they should have been implemented.

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Anonymous at 06:04 on 12 Mar 2011

I would like to have a gulp of the kool aid that the other commenters must have been drinking.

Awsome: best talk I've seen @ confoo.ca 2011

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Anonymous at 19:35 on 14 Mar 2011

It was absolutely awesome. It was the best talk!