jQuery is one of the global players in the world of JavaScript frameworks. It's
small. It's fast. It's concise. It changes the way you write JavaScript. But
how does this library accomplish all this?

Its developers concentrate on the main aspects of any JavaScript application:
Document traversing, document manipulation, event handling, animation and AJAX
interactions. Only these components are part of the core library. Everything
else needs to be added using so called plugins.

Whole applications can be built creating and combining plugins to bring into
being a fully featured user experience.

In this session I will give a short overview about the different possible plugin
types, before presenting the most common ones in detail. During the talk a reusable
base structure will be created which can be easily adapted to any personal
developmental needs. This skeleton will allow you to start writing your own
jQuery extensions in no time.


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Jakob did a very enthusiastic talk about the benefits of jQuery plugin development. He pointed out quite a number of 'good to know about's in terms of plugin development.
I was very sad that there was not enough time to go into detail of the special event handlers. Maybe there will be a dedicated talk about this interesting topic on one of the next scheduled conferences.. he promised to submit such a talk.

Nice talk about jQuery plugin development. I learned some nice tips and tricks.
And I finally understand the (jquery) at the end of function($){ }

Good overview of jQuery and JavaScript tricks for jQuery. It is unfortunate that out of the various types of plugins, we were only able to look at one type. I would have liked to look at widgets. At least, now I have a better understanding of some of the basic concepts.