Modern web applications rely heavily on JavaScript. However the JavaScript interpreters of many browsers still are tailored to the JavaScript usage of the 1990s. Inefficient JavaScript code may heavily slow down the browser or even lead to memory leaks. This session will identifyy common mistakes and provide performance best practices when it comes to using JavaScript in a web application. Topics covered include the loading of JavaScript, DOM access, string and array operations, and effective Ajax.


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Great tips, useful live examples, well presented. Speaks fast... lol. Didn't know about

Some old stuff, a lot of new stuff, well presented. Christian has researched the topic well, and summarised an extremely vast topic effectively. I've been doing performance work for several years, and I still learnt a few new things at this talk.

Rated 4

Anonymous at 17:42 on 11 Mar 2011

Lively, intelligent presentation, aimed just right: a little higher than I am used to, but within my ability. Explained a lot about optimization, but with the (correct) caveats that it doesn't always make much difference.