HTML5 is here and we should use it right now. It is fun and interesting to look at cool CSS3, Canvas and Video demos but our main goal should be to make our day-to-day life easier by using the cool things browsers offer us right now. Learn about local storage, simplifying interfaces and using HTML5 right now!


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Anonymous at 20:47 on 10 Mar 2011

Awesome talk. :p

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Anonymous at 23:09 on 10 Mar 2011

Fantastic, inspiring talk. Really fired me up to get out their and build great things.

Rated 5

Anonymous at 18:53 on 11 Mar 2011

Inspiring ! Great presenter !

What a terrible picture :-)
This talk was the highlight of the conference for me. Incredibly funny and energizing, yet accurate, concise and astonishingly well delivered. I started using HTML5 right away after the talk!!!