Performing in the Browser


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Anonymous at 09:23 on 10 Mar 2011

Very interesting talk. Covered the basics that everyone should know quickly, then went on to more advanced stuff. Enjoyed it and learned several things that I look forward to applying.

Interesting overview of the factors that go into visible performance, and various tools and tips to improve it. Slightly meandering at times, but entertaining as always.

It's hard to cover a topic as large as web performance in just a single conference session and still tailor it to all levels of audience but Jordi has done a good job here. Quick touch on well established rules and then a more detailed coverage of what's relevant today. I'd have liked to have heard a bit more about how mobile phones handle these issues though. I second Ian's comment that this talk was entertaining. Good job.

Anonymous at 20:39 on 10 Mar 2011

Great presentation. Covered the basic do's and dont's. The use of inline images by Google surprised me at first, but it then all made sense. Great talk considering it was 8am too.. :p

Good presentation. Some old ideas, some new ones. Inlined images is really interesting, indeed