In this talk I'll discuss several messaging scenarios that can help scale our web applications. From using RabbitMQ as a simple "queue server" to run background tasks to implementing RPC over AMQP. See how message multicast can simplify the logic of our apps to make them scalable and fault tolerant. We'll learn how to do load balancing with RabbitMQ and how real time logging and monitoring has never been easier.

The following messaging patterns will be presented:

- Fire and Forget
- Message multicast
- RPC over RabbitMQ
- Parallel Processing
- Pub/Sub

All this theory is backed by more than one year of running RabbitMQ in production for a PHP5 based deployment that has proved to simplify our code while increasing our productivity and the website reliability.


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Rated 5

Anonymous at 10:56 on 11 Mar 2011

Nice clear introduction to rabbit and how to use AMQP via PHP.

Very good introduction to RabbitMQ with practical examples. A challenge in this timeframe.