Developing and managing an open source project is both fun and frustrating. We contribute to these projects for a variety of reasons, but in the end, successful projects have either funding provided or a successful business model in place to support the project.

I'll discuss business models that work, and ones that don't.

This session will be somewhat interactive, drawing on the audience for experiences, and calling for comments on the business strategies that I will talk about.

If you are a successful open source business manager, or an upcoming open source project manager that wants to drive a money making business out of your open source project, this session should be entertaining and helpful.

Examples and discussions will be drawn from previous experiences, both good and bad.


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A good talk on the business side of open source although I wasn't really agreeing with some of the topics discussed, but could be because I'm not aware of other forms of providing open source businesses.

Very good points raised on starting an open source project, even when there's a business model behind it.

I did miss a bit of swung or passion as I've seen with other speakers, but maybe it's the marketing grade of the talk.