Performance is the white unicorn of this generation of web applications. The difference between converting a user and increasing your bounce rate can come down to a matter of milliseconds. In this talk, we'll examine tools and applications that can help the responsiveness of your web application from presentation to back end services.

We'll examine common ways to identify problems through tools including Google Pagespeed and YSlow, ways to change out of the box server deployments into speed demons, and best practices for caching including content and application layer caches that can reduce round trips from your clients to the server and from your application to the database.

The talk is somewhat focused on LAMP stack deployments, however caching and best practices can be used by applications developed in any language.


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Good introduction on performance. Lots of hints on what to look at and possible solutions

Fully agree with the comment above: good intro and lots of ideas into what to look for and possible solutions.