Why MVC is not an application architecture ...


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Clearly expressed, grounded in practical experience, and dryly humorous. I particularly enjoyed seeing the 4 actors depicting subject / observer relationships.

Very good presentation, humor, drama, acting, interesting subject and as usual with S. Priebsch very well presented.

Really good talk that help to climb a big step in the OO approach in a project.
I personally liked that Stefan didn't care to point out "bad practice" on project that are usually a so big success that most people would think they're "perfect".

The down side was that an hour for this was way too short for the subject. I would have like to have the time to pass from conceptual theory to more practical examples that we face in daily work.

So far it has been the most useful talk for me.

This was by far my most beneficial talk. Very interesting information about MVC and the history behind it. Amazing new concepts, the patterns introduced in this talk are definitely worth looking into.

I applied updates to our production framework on the same night I attended the talk. This is exactly what i expected from Mr.Stefan Priebsch.

I was lucky to attend his presentations during ConFoo 2010 and 2009, never been disappointed. I’m looking forward to attend his talk next year too.