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Anonymous at 11:45 on 9 Mar 2011

Good stuff, thanks.

Great insight on Xdebug from it's author. I already used most of what he talks about, but I know have a better understanding of it.

Really good talk. Was mostly aware of the debugging side, but was glad to see the functionality in other areas, like profiling and tracing which was explained nicely. Overall, the entire talk was well presented, and was glad I attended. Good for more than just using xdebug for *just* debuging, but complete information on what is going on in an application.

Good talk, too bad about the screen.

Although it seemed quite chaotic at times, I still learned a lot of things and value this talk.

Great Presentation. Very useful information! I wasn't really familiar with Xdebug before but now I will start to use it in my projects!

Good presentation. I've been using XDebug for a while, but haven't really gone beyond the basic config and the pretty errors it displays. Looking forward to playing with tracing and profiling.

Best version of the Xdebug talk I've seen so far, nice mix of topics and different ways of presenting the tool (demos etc.)

I look forward to adding xdebug to our toolbox at work after hearing this talk.

Good presentation. Xdebug looks awesome and I will sure add it to my php dev workflow.
Thanks for the talk and for writing such a nice tool.

I've been using Xdebug for years off and on...Zend Debugger seems to work more easily out-of-the-box with Eclipse (which is the main IDE where I work) but I really like the profiling data and error messages and such.

For the presentation, I thought there was lots of useful information I probably would not have known about and it was really great to hear from the person who wrote the software. The best diagram in the whole presentation was the one that showed how xdebug connects back to the IDE - that's been a source of confusion for me and my coworkers and was made completely clear. (Also very cool that more than one IP address can be "called back.")

Not familiar with xdebug. Nicely presented, gives great inputs how to use the tool.

Anonymous at 17:21 on 11 Mar 2011

Very useful. I tried using Xdebug before, but had trouble using it and eventually gave up. This talk has inspired me to try again, and this time I understand how it works a little better, so I have confidence I can succeed!