Where? As location becomes increasingly important, and as more and more data is geotagged, this may be the most important question your app needs to answer. How do you determine what city and country your users are coming from? Figure out which neighborhood a place is in? Keep a location history for a physical object? Group people together based on proximity? One of these days you'll need to reach into your knapsack of geo-tools to solve problems like these and this talk aims to make you ready. We'll cover using location-aware storage like MongoDB and ElasticSearch, GeoIP, reverse geocoding, third-party location web services, geo-hashing, and more. Warning: words like Euclidean may be used during the course of this talk.


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Anonymous at 13:20 on 1 Mar 2012

Good synopsis of the tools and options available for getting location data. I would have also liked a look at how it is or can be used on the web today.

Andrei said he would post the slides shortly after class. Are they here somewhere?

Great overview of your location-smart options. Learned lots of interesting stuff, like GEOHashing.

Great talk, thanks for sharing all those cool geo stuff...like the potentiel of geohash also.

I learnt so much in this talk. Very informative. Good balance between breadth of coverage and depth of detail.

Interesting resources and good overview. Glad to see something a little different in this talk. Thanks.

Very interesting talk. Lots of material covered. It gave me a lot of stuff to research more.

Great talk! You filled my knapsack with tons of new products to look at for my next project. Very informative, deep explanation and I really enjoyed how you conducted the subject.