A NodeJS bag of goodies for analysing web traffic


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Good introduction to using NodeJS module for web traffic analysis. I liked that there were live examples of the modules, though I wish Philip went into a bit more detail about their app/server architecture at the beginning.

I would have liked more details about LogNormal usage of Node.JS

First time looking at NodeJS for me, so this work nicely as an introduction and the module management basics were useful. Enjoyed the delivery and the humour too.

Perhaps we could have seen more of the code of the modules instead of the output?

Live demo is always cool. Would have appreciated a slide (just one slide) helping understand what was running what (like V8-javascript run time engine running node running a js script... if I got it right). Anyway great presentation, good sense of humour

Thanks for the feedback folks, it helps.

Like the live demo. But maybe there was a bit too much demonstration vs explanation. A brief Node.JS overview of maybe 5 minutes would be a great addition to start the talk.