In this session attendees will learn about the different levels of concern within SOA and where to implement different frameworks within enterprise architectures. Tips and tricks that can only be learn through the school of hard knocks are presented here to give the attendee a big leap ahead in architected their systems. It will also point out commons trouble spots often encountered in large-scale systems. These are advanced system integration concepts with a focus on high availability using open source frameworks in a service-orientated architecture. It will cover best practice tips for implementing/architecting ESB, mediation router, and messaging in infrastructures needing large scale, high transaction capabilities.


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A very vast subject, and at certain times it felt like it was diving way too much into the details and mundane. Overall though, it was an engaging speech, and Heath obviously has a wonderful grasp of the subject.

Went into this expecting SOA to be talked about. It wasn't.

This was 100% Java terminology & tools, nothing was talked about as language-agnostic concepts.

Very disappointing to be misled by the title.